WUST's convocation held in Virginia

By MNN Desk Report
Published Mon, Jun 19, 2023 7:07 AM

Graduated students at Washington University of Science and Technology received a letter of greetings from former US President Bill Clinton. This graduation ceremony was on Saturday, June 17—class of 2023. Dressed in gowns and hats, students participate in the graduation parade and accept the graduation certificate. Seventy-six students at the university received this convocation.


On a bright afternoon, the campus of George C. Marshall High School in Virginia was filled with a stream of new graduates in black and orange gowns. And the invited guests were later mixed with black and various colors - some blue, some magenta, or red. All in all, a colorful graduation.


Former administration official Bob J. Nash carried former President Bill Clinton's congratulatory message. In the letter, the former US President praised the activities of WUST. He called for the continuation of the service provided by WUST. And he said to the graduating students, "It is now your responsibility to move the changing world forward on the right path."


Samaritan starts at 2 pm. Then the gowned students sit in their assigned seats in the graduation parade. On the other hand, the stage was already sparkling with all the essential presences. University authorities and teachers were also with them. The main part of the program begins with the performance of the national anthem.


Then the university's chancellor, Abubakar Hanip, came to the stage. He presented his life story. The road to success is not smooth. He highlighted how many stories of ups and downs there are. In the formal convocation speech, he addressed the graduating students and said that the real battle of life begins from here, and continuous efforts with a determined mind can ensure the progress of life.


Former US Representative Jim Moran was the convocation's chief guest and keynote speaker. The students, as well as the invited guests, listened, mesmerized by his informative speech. He advises to exercise regularly, learn something new every day, and make yourself a better person.


The guest speaker was State Senator Chap Petersen of Fairfax, Virginia. He called upon the graduates who have completed master’s to spread the light of their education everywhere. He said diversity is the best beauty of America. As one of the first Bangladeshi Americans, Abubakar Hanip built the university here that makes us proud, said Chap Petersen.


US Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer congratulated the graduates and authorities of Washington University of Science and Technology through a video message. He said that there are opportunities for students in all sectors in the United States, we should move forward to exploit this opportunity. Senator Chuck Schumer expressed hope that the students at this university will be able to do that.


Congressman Gary Connolly and Congresswoman Grace Meng sent video messages.


Many other Bangladeshi Americans established in their respective fields in the United States were invited guests at the event. Who gave an orientation speech to the students in this graduation convocation? United States Bangladeshi American Democrat State Senator Sheikh Rahman of Georgia presented his life story. He told the students how a university degree changed his life—Temple University clinical medicine professor. Ziaur Rahman mentioned in his speech how many degrees he had to take to strengthen his position in his university and move towards leadership: IT experts and IT entrepreneurs. Faisal Qadir outlined the next steps for the new graduates. Syed Zaki Hossain, engineering entrepreneur and philanthropist, trustee of Moly University, said that the United States is a country of infinite possibilities. There are immense opportunities in front of the students. Adviser of WUST Md. Mizanur Rahman, Adviser Md. Siddique Sheikh spoke.


Farhana Hanip, CFO of Biswa Vidyalaya, highlighted her family heritage in education and said that students of Washington University of Science and Technology would find their family on this campus.


Kelly D'Alcentara of the School of Business and Afuni Ada Agada, who completed her master’s in information technology, spoke as student representatives. They expressed their motivation to move forward, which they received from the university faculty.


Later, their graduation degree certificates were handed over to the students individually.