Youth is the source of strength for the cause of Kashmir: Dr. Pir Ali Raza Bukhari

By MNN Desk Report
Published Mon, Oct 2, 2023 2:31 AM

An inspiring event took place in Northern Virginia, honoring local leaders for their unwavering dedication to the cause of Kashmir's freedom and their role as ambassadors for the people of Occupied Kashmir in the Washington metropolitan area and beyond. The event also celebrated Sardar Zarif Khan's appointment as Special Advisor to the President of Azad Kashmir in Washington, D.C., a testament to his remarkable contributions to the Kashmiri and Pakistani American communities.

Dr. Pir Syed Ali Raza Bukhari, a distinguished parliamentarian from Azad Kashmir, Chairman of the International Sufi Peace Forum, and the Chief Guest of the occasion, praised Sardar Zarif Khan as a role model for Kashmiri American youth.

Dr. Pir Ali Raza Bukhari speaking at the Kashmiri Diaspora convention in Norther Virginia

In his address, Sardar Zarif Khan expressed his gratitude to the community for their longstanding support. He emphasized the crucial role that the youth and students in Washington, D.C. must play in raising awareness about the Kashmir conflict. He called on them to utilize social media, organize seminars, symposiums, and lectures on university campuses to educate the American public about the ongoing crisis in Kashmir.

Dr. Pir Ali Raza Bukhari highlighted the dire situation in Indian-occupied Kashmir, condemning it as a challenge to the conscience of the civilized world. He pointed out the presence of 900,000 Indian soldiers in the region, making it the largest military occupation on Earth, and lamented the transformation of the once-pristine Valley of Kashmir into a battleground. He stressed the moral and legal responsibility of becoming true ambassadors for the people of occupied Kashmir.

Furthermore, Dr. Bukhari underscored India's nefarious plans, including the issuance of domicile certificates to change the demographic landscape of Kashmir. He reminded the world that the Kashmir issue is not only a human rights concern but also a matter of the right to self-determination, a promise made by the United Nations in 1948.

Dr. Pir Ali Raza Bukhari emphasized the need for professionals and diplomatic specialists to support the Kashmir cause. He assured that the leadership of Azad Kashmir would never let down the people of Indian-occupied Kashmir, who have made enormous sacrifices.

Dr. Ghulam Nabi Fai, Secretary General of the World Kashmir Awareness Forum, expressed concern about the existential threat faced by the Kashmiri people. He criticized the inaction of world powers, which he argued could enable India to execute its malevolent intentions. Dr. Fai highlighted the uncertainty and anxiety prevailing in Kashmir, with thousands suffering under the oppression of India's military forces.

Dr. Fai also questioned whether the Indian delegate at the United Nations General Assembly on September 26, 2023, would address the dire situation in Kashmir and the potential for genocide.

Sardar Zulfiqar Roshan Khan, a special guest who returned to the United States after a long stay in Azad Kashmir, was warmly welcomed by the community members. He stressed the need for a tangible strategy to address the Kashmir issue promptly.

Sardar Zubair Khan thanked all participants for their support and called upon the Kashmiri American diaspora to be the eyes and ears for the people of Indian-occupied Kashmir in Washington, D.C.

The event's emcee, Shoaib Irshad, highlighted the extensive efforts of the Kashmiri American community in Washington and beyond to raise awareness about the Kashmir crisis. He called for redoubling these efforts to ensure the situation in Kashmir becomes better known in the United States.

In closing, all speakers, including Dr. Pir Ali Raza Bukhari, encouraged participants to attend a peaceful rally in New York during the speech of the Indian delegate at the United Nations on September 26 at 9:00 a.m.

Community elder Sardar Shafi Khan Sahib presided over the event, which was attended by numerous prominent individuals from the Kashmiri American community, including Dr. Ghulam Nabi Mir, Dr. Imtiaz Khan, and many others committed to the Kashmir cause.