MUNA organize 3 Days Convention in Philadelphia

By Imran Ansary
Published Tue, Dec 6, 2022 6:18 PM

The Muslim Ummah North of America (MUNA) convention will be held on August 18, 19, and 20, 2023, at the Pennsylvania Convention Center in Philadelphia. This conference is being held after three years due to the Corona situation. MUNA's National Executive Director, Arman Chowdhury, announced this in a written statement at a press conference organized at Savanna Restaurant in Jackson Heights, Queens, on Monday, December 5. Among other leaders of MUNA, Majlish Shura Member Abdullah Al Arif, National President Harun Or Rashid, and the Majlish Shura were present at the time.

Abdullah Al Arif conducted the press conference, and Haroon Or Rasheed answered various questions.


Muslim Ummah of North America President Harun Or Rashid addressing the press briefing

In a written statement at the press conference, MUNA announced that it will organize a massive convention on August 18, 19, and 20, 2023, at the Pennsylvania Convention Center in Philadelphia, after a break of 3 years. This convention will significantly impact Muslim life, especially in Bangladeshi American families. MUNA is an American advocacy and social organization. They were set up so that people could get Allah's approval by working hard for all people's moral and social improvement. MUNA believes that A concerted effort is being made to organize Muslims for daily social and religious activities and to play a role in national civic life so that all these people can serve humanity by following Allah and His Messenger, Hazrat Muhammad Sallallahu Alaihi Wasallam.


This year's convention's central topic and theme is 'Al-Qur'an Guidance for Humanity. Al-Quran guides the entire human race. Beneficent and righteous paths visit misguided humanity. It is scientific. It promises miraculous change. It is an integral part of a believer's faith.

Individuals, families, and societies are the only eternally challenging provisions of change. It is not only for Muslims and believers in Islam. It is a platform for the improvement and progress of the entire human group. The benevolent flag of this Holy book is in every heart, in every house. With this belief, MUNA has set the main central theme for this year's convention.

MUNA seeks to create a platform for its members and other Muslims to engage in mutual dialogue with communities and neighbors of other religions, languages, castes, and tribes. Through collective understanding, social expansion and development can be done. MUNA thinks that it is possible to ensure harmony and peaceful coexistence of society in this process. This convention will play an influential role in this regard.

The written statement also said that MUNA is an apolitical organization but is not indifferent to politics. MUNA wants citizens to participate consciously in political affairs and thereby maintain a smooth system in state life. MUNA wants the people and other citizens of this world-leading United States to maintain active communication with political and elected representatives at various levels so that their voices are heard, and their rights are protected.


MUNA wants Bangladeshi Americans to participate more actively in the activities. At the same time, it wants to save the present young generation from the flow of wrong. Every Bengali-speaking parent should involve their child with MUNA Youth and Young Sisters of MUNA. MUNA wants to introduce Bangladeshi Americans to mainstream Muslim scholars and leaders in America. World-renowned and experienced scholars will hold this year's conference.

There is a separate Youth Convention and Young Sisters Convention at the conference for young children. There will be interesting cultural programs without discussion.