One Point Demand For step down Hasina

Bangladesh's Prodemocracy Movement led by exile leader Tarique Rahman

Acting Chairman of Bangladesh Nationalist Party, Tarique Rahman, Calls for Unity in Grand Gathering for Democracy on July 27

By Imran Ansary
Published Tue, Jul 25, 2023 11:01 PM

Acting Chairman of the Bangladesh Nationalist Party (BNP), Tarique Rahman, has made a passionate call to all democracy-loving citizens, regardless of their political affiliation, religion, or caste, to join a grand gathering in Dhaka on July 27. In a video speech on Tuesday, Tarique Rahman urged the nation to unite in their demand for a non-partisan neutral government to hold national elections and advocated for the resignation of current Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina.

Addressing the nation, Tarique Rahman emphasized that the rally on July 27 is not merely a political event but a collective effort to build a safe and democratic Bangladesh for all citizens, including students, youth, women, and children. He stressed the importance of establishing the right of journalists to write freely and creating an environment in which human rights activists can operate without fear.

"The people have only one demand - the resignation of Sheikh Hasina. We need a fair and impartial election conducted under a non-partisan neutral government to restore the voting rights of 12 crore people," stated Tarique Rahman.

He further urged the citizens to fight together to protect the country's freedom and work towards rebuilding the nation based on the 31 points of state repair. Tarique Rahman called for unity against the "fascist mafia gang" that, according to him, has been using state power to subvert democratic institutions.

Tarique Rahman expressed concern about the current state of constitutional institutions in Bangladesh, particularly the Election Commission, which he described as unreliable and accused of being influenced by the ruling government.

Highlighting the historic resilience of the Bangladeshi people during various movements, Tarique Rahman expressed confidence that the ongoing pro-democracy movement would succeed in establishing democracy, human rights, and voting rights for all citizens.

The BNP Acting Chairman also urged the officials of the public administration, including RAB police, to refrain from abusing their responsibilities and getting involved in electoral malpractices. He encouraged them to support the people's right to vote and to not become tools for the oppressive regime.

The upcoming gathering in Dhaka is expected to be a significant event in the nation's political landscape, as various citizens and supporters from different backgrounds come together to voice their demands for a democratic Bangladesh. Tarique Rahman's appeal aims to galvanize the masses and mobilize support for the ongoing pro-democracy movement.

The nation now waits to see how the government and the people respond to this call for unity and democratic change on July 27.